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ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cable

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Suitable under these floor finishes

  • Tile & Stone
  • Carpet (with 10mm SLC)
  • Laminate (with 10mm SLC)
  • Vinyl (with 10mm SLC)
  • Self levelling compound (SLC)
Price From: Price: £60.58

Designed for use with the ThermoSphere Membrane Uncoupling System

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ThermoSphere Underfloor Heating Cable slots into ThermoSphere membrane as you require, meaning you can easily work around irregular room shapes or objects. This results in a much more efficient underfloor heating installation as you won't have unused heated areas.

What's more, the height build up is extremely minimal, at only 5.5mm

Superior Strength

  • ThermoSphere heating cables feature twisted conductors for added strength and decreased stress on the cable.

Superior Safety

  • Full earth braid and rated at IP68 safety standards.

Super Resilient

  • ThermoSphere heating cables are coated with a flouropolymer coating for increased resilience.

ThermoSphere Membrane is a fast track electric underfloor heating system that creates a comfortable, warm room and a stable, bonded tiled floor that is not vulnerable to uncoupling or cracks.

The membrane is laid over the entire floor surface and the TwistedTwin™ heating cable is installed in the areas where heat and extra comfort is required.